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Bondioli & Pavesi was founded in Suzzara in 1950 and in a few short years became a leading company in the market of drive shafts. It was the first Italian company in the farming equipment sector to provide a complete transmission system. The company extended its range of products and services continuously, developing and organizing its business according to the logic of an important Industrial Group, with numerous production companies.


From 1967 Bondioli & Pavesi began to build up a sales network in leading world markets by incorporating commercial companies able to provide, via hundreds of dealers and thousands of agents, the necessary commercial back-up, after-sales services and original spare parts and components anywhere in the world.


Today Bondioli & Pavesi works in over 80 countries and exports account for over 80% of its turnover (37% outside the EU). The success of this continuous growth strategy is due to paying close attention to customer needs and a policy of R & D, innovative manufacturing processes and the continuous input of new ideas, often implemented in co-operation with machinery manufacturers.

Production Units

Design and production


Bondioli & Pavesi has thirteen production facilities, each specialized in the design and manufacture of a particular power transmission component. Each company is independently organized to provide customers with the maximum possible benefit.


Suzzara - MN - Italy

Bondioli & Pavesi was founded at Suzzara in 1950 and since then it has in producing components for power transmission. This decision has led to a complete range of products able to satisfy the needs of customers all over the world. Today Bondioli & Pavesi is present in more than 50 countries and is a leader in the production of drivelines for agricultural use and of gearboxes for every type of industrial and agricultural application.

B.I.M.A. Srl

Reggio Emilia - RE - Italy

BIMA is involved in designing and manufacturing parallel axis gearboxes. This company’s products come in a wide range of standard designs but can also be developed and produced to customer specifications. BIMA became part of the Bondioli & Pavesi Group in 1997, but the group has marketed its products since 1986.


Pieve di Cento BO - Italy

This company has been part of the group since 1986 and manufactures axial piston pumps and motors as well as servo controls and gear pumps and motors. Like all companies in the Bondioli & Pavesi Group, HP Hydraulic produces standard versions but is particularly attentive to customer requirements. HP Hydraulic’s components are used in a variety of applications: agriculture, mobile machines, industrial and marine applications.


Montecchio Maggiore - VI - Italy

Dinoil specializes in the design and manufacture of directional control valves, which are widely applied in agriculture, construction and earthworks. DINOIL joined the Group in 1986. In addition to providing standard products, Dinoil can develop products to suit customer-specific applications, in accordance with the Bondioli & Pavesi philosophy of close collaboration with customers.

Lestans - PN - Italy

Tecnomek, an integral part of DINOIL, is a modern establishment that produces all the strategic high-precision components that are part of the pumps and valves manufactured by Bondioli & Pavesi factories. The investment in a high-tech unit like Tecnomek is proof of the Group's strategic concern for developing innovative and reliable components, becoming directly involved in their production and technology


Dosso Terre del Reno - FE - Italy

FIRA, which produces heat exchangers, entered the Group in 1987. Its special features are the quality of its products, achieved by stateof- the-art technology in aluminium radiator cores. Production includes traditional, combined or largesize exchangers in standard versions or to customer specifications. FIRA products are widely used on mobile machines and fixed installations.


Protivín - Czech Republic

OM Protivín is located in the town of Protivín, Czech Republic. It was set up in 1903 as a division of CZ, a manufacturing company in the sector of complete gearboxes and components for the motorcycle field. In 1997 OM Protivín became a self-managing company and in year 2007 it joined the group Bondioli & Pavesi. At present, the company specializes in the manufacture of precision gears for motorcycle industry and gearboxes for agricoltural and industrial applications.


Santana De Parnaiba - SP - Brazil

BPN Transmissões Ltda was founded in the year 2000 from the joint venture between Bondioli & Pavesi, a world's leader in the production, design and sales of components for power transmission systems, and Engrecon S/A, a Brazilian company specialised in designing and manufacturing gear boxes for agricultural use and special applications. The combination of great international experience with the consolidated experience in the Brazilian market make BPN Transmissões the ideal partner for mobile operating machine manufacturers in Brazil and worldwide.


Caxias Do Sul - RS - Brazil

In recent years Brazil has witnessed sustained economic growth but protectionist policies have made it difficult for foreign companies to market their products. The obvious solution was to set up production facilities directly in Brazil. Bondioli & Pavesi C.H.M. was established in 2002. The company produces directional control valves, P.T.O. driveshafts and directs the sale of hydraulic components in the Brazilian market and throughout Latin America.


Hangzhou – China

Founded in 2000 as a representation office, the Chinese company developed first as a buying centre and then as a production factory. Today BONDIOLI & PAVESI HYDRAULIC AND MECHANICAL COMPONENT (HANGZHOU) Co. Ltd., as well as following the activities of representation and purchasing on the Chinese market, deals with the production of standard drivelines and directional control valves for the Chinese and international markets.


Chakan Pune - India

Bondioli & Pavesi India was founded in 2012 to offer maximum reliability and benefit to Indian manufacturers of agricultural and mobile machinery for construction and public works applications.
At the Chakan Pune plant, axial piston pumps and motors and directional control valves are produced through the assembly of key components imported from Europe and parts manufactured in-house in India. In order to guarantee European quality standards, every component produced is tested on specially-designed test benches.

Commercial and Logistic Companies

Sales and Assistance
The sales force is the strategic key of any development. This is why Bondioli & Pavesi began, way back in 1967, to establish companies in the world's major markets with the specific aim of distributing its products and provide technical assistance to its customers. Today, there are 14 companies that form the base of the business structure that reaches more than 50 countries through an extensive network of hundreds of dealers and thousands of retailers.

Composition of sales
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Sales distribution
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